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Abide by Environmental Laws

Manufacture Green Products

Rigorous Quality Policy

Responsible Minerals Initiative

As one of the top leaders in modern connector supply chain, Vitetech hold that maintaining the environment is so important nowadays. By taking inspection from Responsible Minerals Initiative, we committed our faith to the rule made by the initiative and successfully reached the standard. Taking responsibility from making sure our sources are conflict-free and following the specification of due diligence, we will make sure Vitetech and our beautiful mother nature stay sustainable.

Conflict Mineral Policy​

“Conflict resources” are natural resources extracted in a conflict zone and sold to perpetuate the fighting.

The four most commonly mined conflict minerals are cassiterite(for tin), wolframite(for tungsten), coltan( for tantalum),and gold ore, which are extracted from eastern Congo.

Vitetech implements “Non-use of Conflict Minerals” in the procurement process. Taking great concern of our customers, we always provide reports of raw materials. The minerals used in Vitetech products are not conflict minerals originated in Congo or countries nearby, Vitetech took it step by step up to now and keep going on with our customers.


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